Caput v2.02 SE Features
A complete 3D MRI set of the head and neck.
Multiple cutting planes through the MRI set.
A database of over 400 anatomical structures.
Very comprehensive en userfriendly search functions.
Structures that can be selected in all slices and directions.
Possibility to view one single point from different directions.
A very fast 3D reconstruction option for many structures.
Easy-to-use user adjustable 3D reconstructions.
Function to find corresponding MRI slices of points in 3D reconstructions.
Easy and very intuitive navigationtools.
A stereoscopic mode to see the 3D reconstructions with depth.
And much more...

Caput Product Information
The Caput package consists of the following parts
CD-ROM with the latest version of Caput, v2.02 SE, Vista Edition
The Caput manual
A free pair of 3D glasses

Caput is registered as ISBN 90-804995-1.